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Sodium alginate viscosity decrease rate method for determination

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  • Principle:
    Sodium alginate moisture at 40 ℃ water bath condition for 6 hours, and its viscosity is measured and compared with the viscosity ratio of warming, the difference between the two and the heat preservation of viscosity, expressed as a percentage.

  • Instrument and equipment:

    Rotational viscometer; super heater: 40 ± 0.5 ℃
  • Measuring steps:
    The sodium alginate 6G, on the 15mm ×150mm in vitro, cup plug nozzle, with a layer of plastic film sealing, the tube is completely immersed in sodium alginate temperature constant temperature water bath is 40 ± 0.5 ℃, holding 6 days and nights out, with 1% sodium alginate solution and test its viscosity.

  • The results calculated :
    Sodium alginate viscosity reduction rate is calculated according to the following formula. :
    X4 —— viscosity decrease rate, unit (%);
    A0 ——Sodium alginate thermal insulation before the viscosity ,unit( mPa·s);
    A1 ——Sodium alginate thermal insulation after the viscosity ,unit( mPa·s);

  • Repeatability:
    Sodium alginate samples each of two parallel samples were determined after insulation,with its arithmetic mean value as thermal insulation after the viscosity . The relative deviation of two parallel samples results shall not be more than 3%. 

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