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Sodium alginate properties

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   Sodium alginate from brown algae algae, is impregnated by。It is a kind of important printing paste。The production method of sodium alginate in China mainly acid and calcium precipitation method two。The former is the soda processing alginate solution is obtained with dilute hydrochloric acid to precipitate, alginate, and then bleached, soda from sodium alginate. The latter is the soda processing alginate solution of calcium chloride is added to get into insoluble calcium salt, and then add hydrochloric acid into alginate, add soda made of sodium alginate.

   Sodium alginate is weak, molecules containing carboxyl, and carboxymethyl cellulose, organic polymer electrolyte is a hydrophilic. It is composed of β -1, 4-D- mannose acid left radical (M) and β -1, 4-L- guluronic acid left radical (G) linear polyme

   Two kinds of sugar acid relative molecular mass and molecular sodium alginate in the seaweed left radical content as the origin and production season and different. Alginate gel sugar acid left base and sugar and acid content of radical left, the typical ratio of 1.5 ∶ 1 commercially available high viscosity molecular weight of more than 150000, also have low relative molecular mass products, difference is very big. The solubility in water of alginate is not high, into the sodium and ammonium salts (or magnesium salt) after the soluble in water. In sodium alginate (especially the high molecular weight) to join more alcohol, salt and caustic soda solution, will happen after gelation, diluted in lysis. Sodium alginate solution in acid, carboxyl group dissociation is suppressed, also have gelled, its solution at pH 5.8 ~ 11 properties of the most stable. In the base will solidify, two-phase printing is suitable for vat dyes, reactive dyes for paste.

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