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How to produce food grade sodium alginate

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 After weighing kelp, five times the weight of water to soak for 20 hours, drainage, plus water, lye soak for 3 hours,after five immersion after, grinder broken into 2-3mm, washed and then by Cage dehydration after digestion into the pot;aa 

 Kelp in the digestive pot by adding 15 times 80 ℃ 1% (sodium carbonate), stir after sait two hours,starting the first mill paddle,then digested one hour start second mill paddle,digesting 0.5 hours,beginning third mill paddle,then into dilute the pool, dilute to 100 to 120 seconds,and compressed air mixing,foam settling into 2.5 to 3 hours,then use300 mesh sieve filtered, filtrate begin calcification,while adding chlorine, bleaching ,join 1% solution of calcium,after foaming and high-speed stirring, into the aging pool ,then enter the demineralized barrel,stir ,join 5% hydrochloric acid ,decalcification,then enter the twisted cage dehydration,after three decalcification,conduct extruding dehydration, generate alginic acid, then fed into the liquid phase converter, was added at a concentration of 75% ethanol solution, adding sodium hydroxide liquid, neutralized to a pH value becomes 9,then by centrifugal dewatering , after centrifugation sodium alginate,granulation,into the dryer drying,drying to a moisture content of 16% to 17%,then mill crushing become 100 mesh,after passing through the measurement,Packaging storage.

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